How to Create a Simple Portfolio with Github Readme ⚑️

Yeah!!! Within your Github account only you can create an awesome Portfolio.


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GitHub Readme

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Yes, within your Github account only you can create an awesome Portfolio.

check out the steps below πŸ‘‡

Steps to Create the Special Repo:

Step 1:

Click the β€œNew” button on your GitHub home page.

Step 2:

Now Enter your username in the repo name.

You will get to see the secret message popups out.

β€œYou found a secret! Username/Username is a special repository”

GitHub Repo

Step 3:

Follow the steps given in the secret message. Make your repo. public and initialize a file by enabling the checkbox. Click on the Create Repo. button.


Step 4:

Start editing your Readme file with the Initially given template. πŸ‘† Make it look appealing, add images, your project details, ask for collaboration, and You are done.

You can also add your professional work experience details here.

Congrats 😏 you just created an Open Source Portfolio in a few mins.

You can check mine and follow me. πŸ‘‡


You can also deploy the same link this using GitHub pages.

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